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obama and republican candidate mitt romney are hitting the campaign trail. congress is back in session. we will have more on the stories in just a minute. >>james: we're back updating you on decision 2012. kickoff economy will be at the forefront of the discussions. obama says the things the better off since he took office said. he will be back in the bay area this coming october. this'll be his eighth fund- raising event in california. >> the mitt romney campaign released this ad in wisconsin. obvious job and the others released on friday will not do much sell obama is popularity. the drop in jobs probable bully--probably related to people just giving up looking for jobs. >> obama >> he is in his government spending. across the board cuts will go into effect in january. among the republicans that voted with this, was romney is running it may to paul ryan. >> the latest gallup poll has obama at 49 percent among registered voters. president obama as campaign sparked a lot of the nation's last month. obama's campaign manager says that 98 percent of those donations or $250 or less. >>
. >>justine: president barack obama will except his party's nomination tonight. it was former president bill clinton that stole the show last night. >> it was clinton on stage last night and lay out the framework for what this election is about pin tonight is rocco, -- tonight is barack obama telling is why he deserves a second term in >> and bill clinton and commanded the crowds speaking for 48 minutes. he is convincing the crowd that voters are not better off now is -- it is better off now than they were four years ago >> and nobody could possibly repair all the damage he found when he went into office. if >> if you want a winner- take-all, he should report -- support the public and to get. if you want someone who says we are all in this together tonight. you should vote for barack obama pin >> before president obama addresses the convention tonight, the joe bidan will give his acceptance speech. >> >>justine: a reminder that you can watch and on in erupted cover in of the convention at www.kron4.com castle -- kron 4 comcast 193. here is a look outside this morning. we have much more
is now a fast- track link par-- lane. >>mark: first lady michelle obama is speaking this evening at the democratic national convention. steve will play a big role at the convention this week. party leader say that she is a strong second to rally the voters. our approval rating as much higher than the president. >> castro will be the first person that is a latino to have ever given the keynote address at the democratic convention. you can watch the entire democratic convention on kron 4 comcast 193. >> with the democratic convention, met romney is staying at this hilltop retreat preparing for his upcoming debate. mr. romney and president obama face off on the first debate on october 3rd. this will be in denver. >>darya: please got there and found a 24 year old man that was definitely. this morning at a 17 year old is in custody for stabbing a man a powwow to appear -- paula alto. a man was back at that home multiple times. police are not releasing any more about the victim or the suspect. >> the residents are mad at vallejo police because they killed one of the young men. one m
. >>justine: conventions are over pit now president obama and mit romney are gearing up for the last part of the campaign. let's see the latest on the convention with ed. ed and >> president obama took the stage to except his party's nomination. we have real achievable plans. we will rebuild this economy on a stronger foundation. he offered more promises but he has not kept the promises he made last time. people know that they are not better off and that it is time to change direction. everywhere in return to the campaign today. romney spent several days at this house in vermont. joe bidan says that america is in a better place. >> one more thing a republican opponent totally wrong about pi. america is not in decline. it is never been a good bet to bet against the american people. >> amazon releases and you can tell. >>justine: amazon has released a new version of its popular can build. for the first time you can read it in both direct sunlight and in the dark. they are calling this when a candle-- kindle fire hd. >> a federal judge has come to a settlement with the book. they are giv
,000 teachers affecting 700 schools. >>darya: a veteran florida police officer was killed in president obama as motorcade yesterday. a pickup truck hit the officers motorcycle and twisted into a guardrail. he was traveling ahead of the president's motorcade. president obama has sent his condolences to the officer's family. >> gov. jerry brown is defending his recent fitness challenge for chris christie. he referred to the california governor as an old retread. brown said it was not a crack in it the governor's way but he can show him that he can begin any day of the week ended he was throwing some red wheat -- read me to the republicans. when i was running against jimmy carter he was 14 years old. i am old. i'm 74. i have some experience in hopefully wisdom. so i got warmed up and when my speeches so i challenge him to a 3 mi. race. it essentially says that this old retread can beat you any day of the we. christie said the brown can have that contest by himself. >>darya: let's take a live look from our mt. tam cam. this is a beautiful picture. we will tell you about the weather later this w
. >> decision 2012 news. the gallup poll shows that of voters' trust president obama with the health care. some swing voters feel that this may we can oppose all together. both president obama and mitt romney made shots at each other over the weekend. i know that you heard the president say something unusual. he said that he could not fix washington from the inside and that it could only be done from the outside. romney has a another. he talked about a airport landing that his wife was forced to take. i appreciate the fact that she is on the ground safe and sound. i do not think that she knows how worried some of us were. when you have a fire in an aircraft you really do not have any place to go. the windows of do not open and and it is a real problem. she was choking and rubbing her eyes but it was a enough oxygen for them to make a safe landing. >> mitt romney told voters that he did not have to worry about some of them because they were going to vote for president obama anyway. the obama administration have a new ad that will be taking place. let's take a look at the new at.dd. well meanwhil
with aquino's speech. >> other speakers followed. >> president obama said that he would end the war and a rack and he has been >> and governor romney has undergone an extremely good. in a key to 50 >> it is not pretty. >> a the convention wrapped up with michelle obama. >> brought -- barack obama knows the american dream because he has lived it. he wants everybody to have the same opportunity the matter who we are and what we look like and who we love. >> supporters hope that bill clinton will help fire up the crowd and gain supporters. >>justine: to watch the uninterrupted coverage of the democratic convention you can go to, -- kron 4 comcast 493. -- comcast 4193. kron 4 comcast 193. . >>james: it is official. apple said out an invitation to the media pit. the only thing in the e- mail, it says it is almost here. and in front of the no. 12 their reflection or the chateau is a no. 5. we asked gabe slate to investigate all of the rumors. >> for is the name. the mysterious invitation with a shadow of five. this is a video of a possible i-phone 5 prototype. we do not know this vi
. president obama accepted the nomination encouraging voters to keep fighting for change. convention is no in the history books. he took the stage last night president obama accepted the nomination. and mitt romney have different visions for the future. encouraging voters not to buy into cynicism and to also look for change. >> if you turn back now and buy into the cynicism. is it possible? well, change will not happen. it to give up on the idea that your voice can make a difference than the other voices will fill the voice with special- interest, lobbyists. people that want to purchase the election and make it more difficult for you to vote. washington politicians that want to control who you can marry or your health rights. >> also joe biden took the stage saying that america is in a better place now. he gave a large positive speech. for president obama's character and leadership. >> folks, i have watched it. he has never wavered. he has never, ever backed down. he always steps up. and he always asks in those critical meetings the same fundamental question. how is this going to ef
had met romney still receive is backlash from a secretly recorded video. president obama was on the late-night talk show. we will talk about that in a minute. >> here is stanley roberts account people behaving >> watch your back that's all i have to say him. actually riding the bus is easier these days because if you have a clicker pass or a valid transfer we just walk on. >> >> it is harder to find a fair ikeda's pin un >> when the fair patrol comes to you can see somebody all exited in the buss talking on their phone. >> he did not pay so he got a ticket. when this man was axed four and i t presented his medical marijuana card. >> these people are on patrol and spread out across the city looking for fair invader. even if you are going to exit the buss have your fare and your hand. >> the cost of a me in writing is--the costs and a muni ride is $2, the costs at a ticket is a hundred dollars. >> >>james: we will have more on what mit romney had to say coming up. >>james: we are a fact. here is -- we are back. here is a live look from our roof camera pin. >>erica: a
of president obama. >> the stage is set and they are gearing up for the convention. it officially starts on tuesday but he spent the weekend campaigning. >> on thursday night i will provide you a better chance to provide jobs and strengthen the middle class. the good news is that you can choose the path we take. >>reporter: they met in tampa to officially nominate mit romney >> mr. chairman on except your nomination for the president of the united states. i-accept. >> without a change of leadership with the next four years be any different? >>reporter: vice-president? responding. with social policy out of the 60s, and a foreign policy that opposes the cold war. >> before he goes to charlotte to will visit look the damage of issac several thousand people without power because of these storms. comcast channel 193 is kron 4's new 24/7 bay area news channel. no matter what time of the day or night it may be, when you need the very latest news, weather, and traffic information this is the place to find it. this is a live look at the bay bridge. >> apple is taking samsung back to court. n
. president obama and the first lady will attend a pentagon ceremony. only the relatives will reap the victims' names. >> while today is the day of remembrance is also the day of hope. >> this man is a new york city firefighter. >> that it was an honor to be at the world trade center. >> he was one of hundreds poring through the rubble at the twin towers 11 years ago appeared. he had just learned that the government will cover 53 types of cancers for the first responders. >> this was not a coal mine type of scintillation. they -- situation. >> secretary of defense paid tribute of the passengers and crew. >> this is how would-- sacred ground. because this is the final resting place of the american patriots. >> the 911 museum has hit a bump in the road. the construction and finance toward this has been stopped. >>james: we have live pictures of new york and washington appeared to we will be covering some of the ceremonies. >>erica: it looks like i missed a lot of pleasant weather in the bay area. we have pretty pleasant conditions over that area. here are the temperatures right now. it i
ago >> obama-i believe that my plan will continue to grow and strengthen the middle class. >> do you want to know if you're better off? i've a bumper sticker for you. osama bin laden is said and general motors is a life. >> recent polls show that the first lady has a overall approval rating nationwide. coverage of the democratic convention on from crack cast -- comcast 193. >>james: the dumbarton bridge is now open this morning. >> i am standing near the toll plaza for the dumbarton bridge pin you can see the car is going across the bridge behind me. they opened it early. caltrans lifted part of the foundations of the think it would supports underneath it. they also put choice to provide it would go room for possible earthquake. >> less than and up state on our forecast. what is it gonna to be like today erica. >>erica: a another nice day. we have made some changes to talk about as we head into their awesome tracking -- we are also attracting tropical depression john. we will see more on the way of cloud cover going into tomorrow. we are not all -- we are contending with tropical
a 2012. president obama and mid problem in the talk about the economy. we now know that president obama and the gop contender will talk mainly about the economy for the first talking about the--economy. the first three of the six segments will focus on the economy. the other will role of government and government governing. the first the debate is in university of colorado. most of the remarks have been focused on a secret reporting and a private fund-raiser. he called 40 supporters of of, that to not pay taxes. randy is not backing down from those comments. he is trying to turn the tables using the presidential controversial comments caught on tape over the years. we will bring you that, later. >> mitt romney is not backing away from what he said the notes had been camera videos he is embracing it. >> the question is that who cares about the poor? i do, he does. the question is that who can help the poor? he can not.. but i can! >> president obama pond david letterman. >> my response is that if you want to be president who were democrats are piling this on this off explained. we have m
it is not causing any incident or delays james. ok erika thank you. president barack obama and republican mitt romney are pitching to college students and working-class voters in ohio today less than a week before early voting kicks off in the critical midwestern states. >> from the plant's three stops in major papaw's in areas as well as president obama. losing in ohio would dramatically narrow promise path to that 270 number that he needs for electorial college votes to win. >> americans may not be that crazy about president obamas health care law but they do not see is going away anytime soon. americans think the overall will go fully with some changes rairanging--the big expansion for the uninsured does not come to 2014. >> we have much more straight ahead when we come back. >> we are back some world news president mahmoud ahmadinejad is set to address a general assembly today. he accused the united states of bullying and dominating. as the president takes the stage he may not have much of an audience as many world leaders are expected to walk out in protest when he takes the podium. mary
and president obama is expected to accept the nomination tonight. the weather, traffic. >> tonight we will have possibly a clear night but to start. widespread clouds toward that minor chance of sprinkles here, they're cured kind of what we saw yesterday. how were by this afternoon. >> looking peace in the north bay and the peninsula however there is highway no. 4 coming out of antioch. looking--easy in the north bay. livermore, no problems at the macarthur maze. and near the summit they are completely cleared out. >> thank you. our chp officer that was shot on highway 680 has died. the loss of chp officer kenyon youngstrom who died wednesday evening from wounds he sustained in a shooting on interstate 680 in alamo on tuesday. officer youngstrom was pronounced dead at 6:05 p.m. wednesday at john muir medical center in walnut creek. he's survived by his wife and four children. >> right now we are going to a very difficult time. all of the waste we possibly can. that he absolutely loved his job. and the service agents for all of oz in the community. for all of- -us.. funeral arrang
is going on mark? of >> the obama is and the staffers are observing the tragedy from 11 years ago that killed nearly 3000 americans. also what is happening in new york city. no politicians have been speaking just the victim's family. just reading the names of the people they have lost. also we will be going live. at 6:30 the president is headed to the pentagon. he will be speaking with this memorial service. we will follow the latest. other events taking place in the bay area. with more coming up in just a little bit. >> 6:01 let us take a look at the weather in the traffic. >> good morning. we do have some fog as we are driving out this morning. but it is not impacting visibility. there are issues for the bay. but the majority is not impacted. mainly we are in the 50s. expect sunny and warm conditions. temperatures for the most part will be '70s and '80s. that fog will return for this evening a fall look at your kron 4 7 day around the bay coming up in just a bit. >> a pretty decent drive. for the westbound 80 and a good check. the only area of concern is the 580 west lb. the wes
opened gunfire. and president obama and libyan officials are condemning thattack. and extra security is ordered for agents overseas. this happened as hundreds are scaling the walls of the u.s. embassy in cairo tearing down the american flag and replacing it. these attacks were sparked with online issues that ridiculed profit mohammed. --- prophet... mohammad we will follow the split is conditions in libya and keep you updated. >> more fires this time last night. and jackie those flashing lights are gone. >> the firefighters have left the scene, james but now the element of fire department investigation has shown up. the alameda fire investigation is underway. officials say that around 1:00 a.m. there was a call with pacific/just no just--- chestnut corner of this four plex. they were told that there could still be people inside of that building. with 15 people reportedly in sight. immediately they gained entrance and the firefighters it did find one person inside of this building. disabled. they had to be physically carried out of the building during the fire by a firefighter. we spo
obama will be hitting the trail. a contingent of about 50 marines has arrived in the country. >> we are going to bring those to kill our fellow americans to justice. [applause] should hear me that all people that will do is harm will have consequences. no act of violence shakes the resolve of the united states of america. >> i directed that all america's servings abroad should be kept safe. >> >>james: vice president joe biden was also hitting the campaign trail. he was in wisconsin. the vice president could not resist taking a slice at the gop. >> the brave americans the loss in libya remind us again the credible price that the military pays when they're deployed. it also shows the price that our diplomats have paid. >>james: the vice president will tour east and i what they could >>james: meanwhile met romney says that the president was showing weakness in foreign policy pin >> being used president obama to sympathize with the attackers in the middle east. >> the romney campaign and will the one. >> sales for this song, we take care of our own soared. that is
.12. >> president obama left the white house monday and touched down in new york city for the un general assembly. his appearance on 60 minutes the night before grabbing headlines. >> i said at the time that this is going to be a rocky path. >> president obama was asked about the recent turmoil in the middle east. there will be bumps in the road. conservatives including mitt romney are calling the comments in sensitive. >> these are not bombs in the road these are human lives. >> there is a certain rather desperate attempt to grasped words and phrases to find political advantage at in this case that is profoundly scene. >> any pressure that i feel is simply due to do what's right for the american people i will block out any noise that's out there. >> conservatives called it a big ed america's of one of america's closest allies. >> his objective is to take every step step possible to enhance security. >> this is what president obama wants us to focus on words said by mitt romney at a fund-raiser. >> mitt romney attacked 44 75 of americans who pay no income tax including veterans and the disabled.
obama wins the first round. in the memo a series of reasons outlined why the president may win the debate. president obama is noted as one of the talented communicators in history. the first presidential debate will take place next wednesday in denver colorado you could watch it live on kron force 247 bay area neumes. it all starts at 6:00 p.m.. >> still ahead on the kron for morning news more whether traffic. we are just getting started following this heat wave at this is expected to hit today. c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1 we don't have any accidents to report you will see traffic flowing freely. now we do have some lingering over night construction in effect until five this morning this is impacting both directions of highway 92 closer to the high-rise. looks like to of the three lines are shut down however year just past the toll plaza we're seeing no delays for traffic. that drive still under 14 minutes to foster city to 880 in through 181. it is faulty at the golden gate bridge. it was a lot of space between cars in traffic moving out the limits. we are back not backed
and the president obama will be addressing. we're watching bay area traffic. let's take a look at the bay bridge and looks very clear. >> we have a very dense fog along the coastline. later on today you can expect temperatures to be near the 80 south. looking ahead into tomorrow they will be similar as today. >> and still looking ahead we are not tracking any major problems. the slowest traffic is on highway 4 heading into antioch. south bay freeway and the peninsula is still a very light right. there is still no delays. >> there was a fire that broke out at home in san francisco. this is the area of south san francisco but 800 block of grand ave. we have been following this story all morning long. the crews have now left this morning and the windows of a grand of this duplex are now boarded up. the fire department stated that around 11:30 p.m. last night they received a call about a fire. there were apparently to people inside the building when they arrived. the police officer helped the two people get out of the building and the smoke caused all of them to be trans purported to the hospital. y
. >> decision 2012 it was at michelle obama. she was the last speaker of the night and she did not speak the name mitt romney. >> i've seen up close and personal what it means to be president. he knows what the american dream is because he has lived it. (cheers & applause) he wants everybody, everyone in this country to of the same opportunity. no matter who we are toward or what we look like. or who we love. >> the president and the daughters were watching from the white house. today, former president bill clinton will introduce bill clinto and introduce-0,. >> the keynote speaker was mainly positive but also warranted some criticism as out of touch characterizing mitt romney he visited a a university of ohio and gave students some advice. to start a business. and how? borrow money from your parents. and why did i not to think of that? lathe romney campaign responded that the middle-class is not better off than they were just four years ago. as a reminder come even much commercial- free on a new 24/7. and also, on our website. www.kron4.com, just 193. and also the speeches on our websit
to rest as soon as we can all those impacted. later today president obama will be visiting louisiana. still ahead, the pakistan tragedy. >> cnn is reporting that two americans have been killed near the consulate in pockets done. a car was filled with explosives. this happened after the vehicle left the consulate and traveled throughout a section that hosts international events. in the meantime,>> in eastern china 14 people have died with a coal mine explosion. it ripped through the coal mine during the day on the sunday. this was after a wednesday last killing 44 people that was the largest >> this 92 year-old died from pneumonia related counts the mass wedding with his views on anti communism views >> coming up >> this student has died. >> this student has died. phillip daines bakersfield died after been to drinking from a fraternity pledge. they are looking at a hazing possibility the fraternity has been suspended. this delivery van crashed below. amazingly, the driver has survived. the chp says that the driver was going too fast when it cut across lanes and hit that silver on top
controversial comments. romney says just have the voters are mulchers. president obama appeared on david letterman last night getting his reaction to the video. i don't know what he was referring to but i can tell you this. when i won in 2008, 47 percent of the american people voted for john mccain. they did not vote for me. what i said on election night was even though you did not vote for me i hear your voices. i'm going to work as hard as i can to be your president. and when of the things that i've learned is you represent the entire country. when i need republicans, as i'm traveling around the country they are hard- working family people. they care deeply about this country and my expectation is if you want to be president you have to work for everyone, not just for some. the president will spend a rare full day at the white house today. a new poll released show likely voters in california show preference over obama. berkeley shows 50 percent of president beat republican john mccain and 2008. just missing the space shuttle as a reporter arrived. had it out to california. the shuttle
. they have the 50 is homicide in the city. >> president obama has a lead over mitt romney. in the latest wall street journal point the president is seven points ahead of rummy and answer. 54 percent and that up in carolina. 74 percent and nevada. they 4 percent were undecided and their vote. 86 percent strongly supported their candidate. president obama won all of these states and the 2008 election. we will be airing the first presidential debate that is coming out october 3rd. >> peace and freedom nominee roseanne barr speaking last night in oakland. she is running for president. there was a fall house where she appeared and her main talking point is marijuana legalization. there she was outraged by dea raid on legal cannabis clinics. >> obama sent federal troops against a states' rights. almost the very same week that he said it merritt equality was a state's rights issue. >> roseanne decided to run because she is fed up with the two-party system in america. the time now is 637 and we'll be back with more and just a few minutes. to get you going on a friday morning, it should not be that ha
. there are no incidents to report pin >>james: president obama is launching a new trade enforcement case over china. it targets chinese subsidies for exports for automobiles and automobile parts. the libyan government said the they have a arrested 50 people a connection with the killings and attack on the u.s. consulates. this say that the assault was not premeditated. >> more violence against americans over the weekend. before troops were killed by afghan police. this is result of the internal struggle going on there. >> the killing of four americans in afghanistan was a green, blue attack. at this is where members of the security forces turned their weapons on allies as >> the incidence are under investigation right now. we will share our findings when really get done. >> in the late afternoon is today a member of the afghan locally police shot june the people yesterday you >> security is a top priority at u.s. facilities them of their doing the utmost to secure facilities right now. soliciting the cooperation of those governments. >>james: we are learning more about the creator of that anti
making fun of what obama said. there is a catholic deer hunter is guilty as charged. and is proud to say so. >> web more on this story as it continues to develop. >> there is a huge outpouring desire for the iphone five. >>james: we are back with the latest on the occupied movement. they demonstrated in front of the bank of america and danced to music. this video shows you exactly what happened yesterday evening. police were on hand. the demonstrators marched through the streets and there were no arrest could >> was a lawsuit for pat and infringement of rights qc test of the is suing at places like disney and wal- mart. google it has purchased a photos sharing application called snapseed, >> days after out of reports the i-phone 5 samsung is going to be releasing a new phone. it is an inch bigger than the new-line iphone five. smart phone makers have been locked in a court battle over the design. >> two men have been a arrested after a a hacking three. they still updated high from thousands of accounts. -- they stowed data from thousands of accounts. >> will be back any minute. >>j
will show you when, where you can watch it as it makes its paoff debut. and also, the mitt romney/obama trips to the upcoming bay area. coming up. fan :ow >> last night according to witnesses vandals broke inside and road inside of this building. as the reeling of 17th. the round 17th street. the park had to be closed at 11:00 p.m. this shooting enraged those protesters was last night around 8:00 p.m. with two plainclothes officers from the gang task force were working in the spotted who they thought were gang members. one of the officers attempted to talk to the suspect. one of the suspects took off. while running, he pointed that gun at the officers and then they opened fire at each other. the strok strik-the strike the-alleged shooter. >> during the pursuit, he was shot. and he turned towards the officer at that time the officers ordered the suspect to drop the weapon. he began to raise the weapon towards the officer. the officer fired two shots. and he was struck by gunfire. he was transported to the hospital. and is described as a non- life threatening injuries a hospital. >> so fa
be mindful of the cars in front of you. james thank-you erica >> president obama is attentive to get more mileage out of that hidden video. >> there are 47 percent of the people...... a week since mother jones published a speech by mitt romney. mitt romney attacked 47 percent of americans who pay no income tax including veterans elderly and disabled. my job is to not worry about those people. meanwhile the romney campaign quickly pounced on comments by president obama in an interview that aired on cbs sunday. 60 minutes as if he felt pressure from israel's prime minister. when it comes to our national security decisions any pressure that i feel is simply to do with what's right for the people. i will block out any noise. i feel an obligation to make sure that we are in close consultation with the israelis because it affects them deeply. the romney campaign responded " president obama called israel's legitimate concerns about our kron on with nuclear weapons noise this is just the latest evidence of justice chronic this regard for securing our closest ally in the middle east. on interest b
will have the upper hand? a new cnn and international poll shows that 59 percent think that president obama will have the advantage. 34 percent say mitt romney the first verbal debate is in denver on october 3rd. the obama administration is increasingly used armed droned to attack terrorists in the middle east. they say that they still struggle with that decision. >>reporter: 2 you struggled with this policy? >> absolutely. it is something you absolutely have to struggle with our most powerful tool over the long term is to reduce the threat of terrorism. and to live up to our values and to be able to shape public opinion and not just here but around the world. senseless violence. and it is important for the president and the entire culture of our national security team to continually ask tough questions about are we doing the right thing? are we abiding by due process? and set up structures and institutional checks to make sure that you avoid any slippery slope. >> drone strikes have resulted between 2600 people during the presidential a ministration it is four times during the bush adminis
president obama however for single voters. >> welcome back 56 degrees in oakland. and 66 for the afternoon highs. we will check with your full forecast with air, and the week, ahead. >> there is a new study on sexting... teenagers, this could be a high-risk indicator of risky activity. over 1800 students this study was in los angeles. the students that were significantly more likely to have actual sex that were engaged an--in sexting.. and only 15 percent actually sent an explicit fogel. however, 53 percent say that they know somebody who has sexting. and also, children eating as much sodium as their adult. with the rest increasing the cdc showing the increased--risk. 3,400 mg is the same as a normal adult is now what children are seemed to be consuming. >> will >> warren buffett has undergone 44 treatments of radiation and he feels strong. and at 82 years old he is feeling great to get back to work. >> this great look as we get a look at the bay bridge. as we are looking for the sunrise. with your full look of weather.. ♪ most paints have color that sits on the surface. but nothing beat
to san francisco for a fund raiser. president obama this will mark his fourth appearance. election day is not until november but work is started to be performed on the stage. the first nail is being shown to be hit yesterday. leaders took place to symbolically hammer and nail. they are sick and find the structure. >> it has been at least a year since for bangle tigers were at the zoo they now have five tigers. this will show where they now live when they're not at the zoo. this space is used for training and for feeding. they also deal with animals health care while they are there. this has also been very expensive and if the proposal tax passes it will help. we have had to adapt and adjust our space because of the more tigers that we get the more space that we need. we are used by the entire county and we're asking the county to help with the animal care needs. we cannot ask one city to support the facility when we are used all around the county. and residents are asked to vote which will add about $12. >> it is now 6:53 a.m. and will be back in a moment. let's take a look at the traf
shooting targets. >> >>mark: president obama is sending two warships to the libyan coast. the two ships are classified to be the most modern destroyers class. >> stephens graduated from berkeley in 1982. the uc-berkeley ato fraternity said that they wanted to honor their fallen brother. the president of the fraternity spoke about stephens. >> truman in the world ever can stand together. brother stephens and bothered and body this all of our organization by serving united states. >> he was somebody that you wanted to hang out with him was a true peacemaker. i was proud when he became ambassador to libya. >>mark: rehearsing protests and ejected as well as yemen. it was sparked by a video that disrespects their profit. >>darya: still ahead on the cot, and for morning news is preparing for the i own. -- preparing for the new iphone. back a minute. save up to 35% on a huge selection of clearance mattresses. get 2 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. sleep train's inventory clearance sale is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>james: apple unveiled the iphone
obama and also protests in iran.. chanting death to america dave are protesting outside of the swiss embassy. this is an anti-muslim film that has been distributed on the world wide web, you tube and egyptian television. it is posing the profit, mohammad --prophet... showing disrespect from this film. even hollywood stars voices were used on this film but the actors were not aware. visibility. using high when no. 1 in highway-number one with some limited visibility and 1 0 1 please keep that in mind. and please be mindful of the cars in front of you. the good news is that marine layer is relatively shallow. we will start to see that it will burn off. upper 40's. 57 degrees expected but only 47 degrees in concord. by lunch, 60s along the coast. getting to the 70's indicated by the yellow and it looks like we will see some of that orange turning to the red. indicating the '90s. it is expected to be one of the warmest days of the week. 85 degrees in santa clara and even warmer in the san jose. again 90's in fairfield, concord. 90's in pittsburgh and check out livermore cured coming in a
with the hantavirus. the total is nine people and three people have died. >> decision 2012. president obama is on the campaign trail. he will seek justice for the americans killed in libya. officials say that surveillance drones are moving towards the libyan coast as we speak. contingent on 50 marines boosting security at security beefing up. >> what i want you to know is that we're going to bring those people that killed our fellow americans to justice. fifth i want people from the world to hear that there are no axe of terror will go unpunished of all no--act of terror. and will not da the light of the resilience of the united states of america. i directed my administration to do whatever is necessary to protect the americans that serving overseas in is one of my highest priorities. >> libyan officials have apologized calling this a cowardly, criminal act. on the other side of the idle mitt romney is backing down room his stance that the president is showing weakness. these allegations however, that from the offered condolences. >> what a tragedy. losing those wonderful people. support fr
14 biz's for president obama. mr. obama is expected to speak at ohio state. with just a week away from the presidential debate he is leading in two states which may land down his reelection. he is leading mitt romney by 10 percent in ohio. in florida mr. obama is holding 9%. voters think that president obama is better than mid rock mitts' romney in handling health mitt romney in handling health care. this will be live on october 3rd. this will be from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. that night. >> this is the first case of the west nile in san francisco. officials with the san francisco department of health stated that the man had not recently traveled outside of the bay area so they are not sure how he contracted was now.west nowwest now.west now v >> welcome back. comments from the president of the filly fat. spain macy some more cutsthe dow just changed. s now at a two week low. they may seek more cuts. we are waiting for august home sales. let's go back live to ohio. we are waiting for a big mitt romney to speak. >> ithis guy is really something. what you heard from the golden bear. th
. the edge is prompting even grumbling among state republicans. that have fought mitt romney. president obama is still going after all 270 electoral votes. however, if he does get all of those electoral votes in iowa if it is the capital. the first presidential debate is less than one week it is in denver, wednesday. we will have its in its entirety. go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates.4.2 on digital. 3/6 we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. some comments, it is 6:36 we have some details on the referees and the tentative details of the n f l. a foggy start. fa hi, i'm amy for downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters, here with my favorite new intern, jimmy. mmm! fresh! and it's been in the closet for 12 weeks! unbelievable! unstopables! i'll show you how! ♪ just shake them into the washer i can't believe this lasts 12 weeks! neither can they. so you're going on tour to prove it. downy unstopables. follow jimmy's unstopables tour for free samples on downy.com. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deli
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